Sex Drive

People speak about having high or low sex drives, but I freely admit that I’m not sure what defines either of those terms.

Right now the amount of times I have sex is probably an average of 2-3 times a week. I have had problems with intimacy in the past and a number of things in my life have caused me to shy away from sex. My sex drive is affected by factors such as tiredness, depression and stress. When a lot is going on in my life, it can be the first thing that gets pushed to the back.

I also notice that sometimes I do things to sabotage my desires. For example if I’m at work I try to chase away thoughts of sex feeling awkward about having sexual ideas in a professional setting. Maybe it’s a bit of paranoia that people can somehow know what I’m thinking.

I think I’ve been brought up to see sexual desire as a form of weakness and although some of my sexual interests are on the ‘alternative’ side of things, these thoughts are buried deep and not so simple to get rid of. Sex itself is great, it’s just that sometimes the thought process in the interim can be a hindrance.

Thankfully I have been experiencing more and more freeing times that I hope will long continue, and it is in these moments that I see I’ve come a long way.