Reaching out

I’ve been trying to feel more comfortable about my sexuality. This has been particularly difficult because it’s not an option to be ‘out’ at the moment and I don’t know anyone really in the same situation. Me and my husband have met couples and bisexual women but this has been in a sexual context which is very different from what I felt I was lacking.

I’ve felt for a while that it would be good to make friends with other black women/women of colour who are part of the LGBTQIA community. I’ve been able to observe LGBTQIA issues from a bit of a distance but it’s not the same as having a friend you can relate to.

I’ve reached out to some people but it never really got any further than messaging back and forth. The weekend before I went to attend a social event intended to connect bisexuals of colour. Though the organiser was very warm and open, I was disappointed that on that day I was the only person to attend. I felt a bit frustrated by this but I will try to attend other events put on by this organisation and get more involved in bisexual events and activism. I think this will be important in fully accepting myself and enable me to help others.

Recently I’ve been able to meet up with a girl who seems very similar to me. She has explained that she identifies as pan sexual and her family background, interests and hobbies seem eerily similar to mine. Since we met up we’ve been chatting a lot through messaging and I’m hopeful we can form a meaningful friendship.

I’m glad that my luck in this area seems to be picking up and I recognise that there is still more for me to do on this journey.


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