The Catfish: Block and Delete

Like I may have said before, trying to arrange a MFM threesome is a lot harder that people envisage it to be.

My issue hasn’t been getting people who are willing to fuck me, but the problem has rather been about who is suitable, reliable and honourable. 

Recently some guy tried to catfish me. From the beginning I was a bit wary and I couldn’t put my finger on it.

I put an ad up where I was very specific about what we were looking for. This guy responded to it without including a picture (despite the ad requiring this). I still responded to him saying nothing was gonna happen without a pic. He did send one without a face, holding up a handwritten sign saying ‘peaches’. A reference he had used in the email. So I gave him my kik ad. 

The chats we had were pretty hot and engaging, however I wasn’t committed as I had the suspicion the pictures he sent me were maybe of two different people. So that was something I wanted to get to the bottom of. He was pretty talkative, almost too much, but he still seemed evasive to me. I asked him one time what his availability was for the week to see if he was serious and he said he didn’t know. No effort to give a time frame or anything, yet he kept asking me for nudes. That’s a big red flag to me. So when he asked me for nudes I asked him to send me a selfie first. This guy sent me a picture of *himself* with a hand over his face! 

I can sometimes be paranoid because of my anxiety and so it’s hard for me to give in to gut feelings. But this time my feelings were validated. I blocked and deleted him and never looked back. 


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