The Student

Ok the student isn’t a literal student. But I’ve named him that as he’s eager to learn. 
I have another NSFW blog on tumblr and he messaged me saying that he was happy to have found it. Apparently he was trying to explore his sexuality more and was glad to have found someone who was doing similar. We chatted for a bit which wasn’t flirty at all and he explained that he was branching out into other sexual experiences and had an impromptu MFM before. He lives in London like me and we agreed to meet up the following weekend for a drink. Turns out we live pretty close to each other. 

I met him without any type of expectation except that we were meeting as potential friends and talking about stuff we had in common. Me and hubby shared our stories with him and we went into more detail about how his MFM threesome went. 
When we got home, hubby suggested that the student would be a good option for the MFM. This caught me off guard. He was my type, was good looking, he would know what he’s doing and we all got on very well. But for some reason I felt like asking him would be taking advantage. I think it’s because he’s a bit younger than us and we met him up as friends with out any type of agenda. 
I mulled over it for a few hours, then decided to man up and ask him. Before I could do this, he messaged me. He casually dropped in that if we struggled to find someone for our threesome, he’d be a willing to volunteer. 
I kind of fumbled my initial responses as I wasn’t sure what exactly to say. But I eventually got to the point and told him to come over the next weekend. 
So that’s how I found myself having three MFM threesomes scheduled to take place within the space of a week.